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As long as you have strong will power, you will naturally have ability, ingenuity and knowledge.


Success comes naturally, and there are inevitable failures before success. However, as long as we can overcome difficulties and persevere in our efforts, then success is at hand.


We are attached to what we have endured, and we are reluctant to abandon what we have paid a great price, because it is a good life.


On the road to success, perseverance is very important. In the face of setbacks, we should tell ourselves: Enjoy the sweet end.


If you stand back before victory, you will only embrace failure; if you persist in difficulties, you will often achieve new success.


Only perseverance can make us succeed, and the source of perseverance lies in unswerving and resolute adoption of the means needed to achieve success.


Persistence is a belief, insistence is an understanding, and insistence is a responsibility.


Persistence is a strong spiritual pillar, a character that keeps you going forward, a pioneer of pursuit and aspiration, and a motive force and goal of life.


Persistence is a persistent and stubborn attitude toward something or someone. Persistence is never giving up.


Some things, knowing that they are wrong, should also adhere to, because they are unwilling.


Only in this way, in your twilight years, when you think back carefully, will you feel that you have not wasted the good years, will you feel that your whole life is full of value.


Life is like an ocean. Only a man of strong will can reach the other shore.


bet36在线体育网址Business is often done by perseverance and destroyed by impatience. I have seen with my own eyes in the desert that the hasty traveller falls behind calmly; the galloping horse falls behind, and the slow camel moves on.


Persistence does not necessarily lead to success; but failure is doomed to failure. For success, persistent shaping is indispensable!


Even in the face of an unfortunate disaster, never give up what has already begun.


Persistence is a valuable quality, but if you insist on the wrong direction, it is also a wisdom to dare to let go of change!


As long as we persevere and enrich our knowledge, we can finally discover its mystery.


With perseverance, even the pestle has to give up resistance and be ground into a needle. What else can't it persist in doing?


Everyone should learn to be strong and not cry. In the face of adversity, do not be sad, because sadness is not the key to solve the problem, the key is to find ways to learn to face difficulties firmly.


The greatest difficulty people face is always themselves. Sometimes a feather falls down. Sometimes Mount Tai is not a problem when it is pressed down.


Remember! The more serious the situation is, the more difficult it is, the more firm, positive and resolute it is needed, and the more inactive it is, the more harmful it is.


Patience and perseverance, though painful, can gradually bring you benefits.


Persistence can stimulate people's fighting spirit, sharpen people's will, and improve a person's character.


The night after a storm will be quieter; the air will be cleaner after a storm; the grass will be more vigorous after a storm; and you will be stronger after a storm.


Before you begin to fulfill your mission, you should have the will and patience of steel and not be afraid of the steep, long and almost endless ladder.


Life is a hard struggle. You can never rest. Otherwise, if you earn it inch by inch, you may lose all your achievements in an instant.


Life is a miracle. As long as you insist, it's hard to create miracles. When water persists, the river will be wavering all the way and will never stop.


In life, what is really important is to realize that there is one thing you really want to do, and that there is one person you really want to love.


The will of those who are supported by indomitable beliefs is more powerful than the material forces that seem invincible.


God's grace is like a candle, and man's will is like a candle-making candle. If he wants to go to the paradise on the top of purgatory hill, he lacks his will.


What a person can do is to set a good example and have the courage to hold high ethical beliefs firmly in the gossip society.


Life is picking up waste without turning back. If you want to go far, you can't carry too much on your back. You must always clean up your basket. You should not hesitate to throw it away.


Perhaps a turn, lost life will never be found back; only one kind of eternity, it is lost. It exhorts us to cherish the hard-won things in our hands.


Whether it's a career or a hobby, we should aim at the right goal, and perseverance will ultimately bear fruit.


No matter how hard and tired you are, as long as you keep moving forward, the scenery that belongs to you will eventually appear; as long as you choose it, you will have no regrets.


Dripping through a stone is not because of its strength, but because of its perseverance and perseverance.


Caves are the basis of wells, and they can be excavated into tens of thousands of deep wells. The most disadvantageous place is to choose three or five breaks without persistence.


Man is a sentimental and nostalgic animal. People are more receptive to the rapid closing of the distance, but can not endure the gradual fading away after intimacy.


In life, no matter what we do, we need perseverance. Only perseverance can make you have superb strength and motivation for success. Only those who know perseverance can make things successful.


The will to make no decisions is not the will of reality; a person without character never makes decisions.


If you are determined to work hard, you will never have a stem in the root and bud; if you have a stem, you will not have a branch; if you have a branch, then a leaf, then a flower.


On the road of life, we are bound to encounter difficulties and setbacks, so that strong into our hearts, we will be invincible, there is no difficulty to defeat us.


When a group really wakes up, it keeps following the wealth of the outside world and the real wealth of the inner world at the end.


The greatest laziness in our life is that when we know we have the ability to make choices, we don't take the initiative to change it, but let it go.


If you can work hard and pay, don't stop and give up. Until the moment you stop trying, nothing really happens.


A lofty goal, if pursued steadfastly, will be a feat; in its pure vision, all virtues will triumph.


The longer the road, the step by step can also be completed; the shorter the road, can not be reached without taking both feet.


Throw away all the gloom, look at the positive part of your life, and be grateful to those who own things. Life is happiness.


People often mix truth and error to teach people, but they insist on mistakes.


You should cultivate confidence in yourself and your strength, which is acquired by overcoming obstacles, cultivating will and exercising will.


It doesn't matter where those roads lead to, it matters what kind of scenery you will see on the road.


A person's life is to spend in a strong, strong can change a person's destiny, is to test whether we are brave to face difficulties.


Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The only way to success is to repeat it.


Persistence in achieving success is more important than perseverance in failure.


In the duel of hope and disappointment, if you hold it firmly with courage and determination, victory must belong to hope.


Physics teaches us a severe lesson: human will is subject to certain decisive restrictions.


Neither the singing of beautiful women nor the barking of hyenas nor the tears of crocodiles nor the howling of wolves will shake me.


The upstream is the end of the brave's breaking waves; the downstream is the end of the coward's smooth sailing.


The will of the people supported by indomitable beliefs is more powerful than the seemingly invincible material forces.


Do something calmly, but once you start, stick to it.